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Week 26: Law Review — 8 Comments

  1. You’re doing the “mental work”. You have friends,inclouding me. Actually, I know you’re an awesome, finishing and loving spirit. I so much appreciate you my friend.

  2. Well, i could just say ….”ditto”. To juat about all of what you are going through. I imagine that is true for allot of us. But…now we have the tools! I am so grateful to be able to consciously choos how I will respond now. As opposed to previously. So: Good job, Jean! See you around!

  3. Oh my gosh, Jean! I’m so happy to know another “human” baring all their “flaws” in their sincere attempts of doing it right. I used to get really peeved when someone said to me, “This too shall pass.” My response was, “I’m angry. Don’t spoil it.” Isn’t change wonderful?

  4. So grateful for you, and you sharing. blessing me greatly! I too am struggling, however it is a much more wonderful one with these priceless principles, laws and tools Mark and this whole mkmma has helped us install in our minds. We are just getting started! We CAN be what we will to be! and we are not alone! I feel way behind if I compare with others, but have come so far from where I was. I am filled with joy to be right where i am. Let’s keep thinking of and becoming the person we intend to become, and what’s next . Peace and joy coming at you!

    • Good to hear from you Ross. Remember to only compare you to you. This is a magnificent journey, and we will progress at the pace that is right for each of us.

  5. Yeah, it’s pretty normal right about now for the old blueprint to try and see if it can slither back in. Keeping aware of your thoughts is the best defense against that. Keep up the good work!