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This is A Test — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Jean!

    It looks like I received the Aweber email about an hour ago. You stated the Mailchimp email should arrive around 6:00 a.m. So, I’ll assume that means tomorrow morning. 🙂

    Is there a particular reason you’re switching? Cost? Features? Yes, I’m always curious!

    Have a great day!

    • AWeber is great, but I have a very low subscriber number, and it’s not growing rapidly. It looks like Mail Chimp will do the same thing (although in a slightly different way, hence the learning curve) for free versus $200 a year. If I’m lucky, Murphy’s Law will kick in and now that I’m taking steps to switch, my subscriber account will grow rapidly and cause problems in that respect. LOL. Good problems to have if that happens, though.

      Yes, the 6 am will be tomorrow morning. That’s one of the trade-offs of free versus AWeber. AWeber is more configurable in that I can tell it to send immediately if I want. I have to schedule it with MailChimp. I schedule most of my posts to go between 2 and 4 am, so a 6 am scheduled time will work 85% of the time with little or no delay.

  2. Take a look at Mailerlite. I switch from Aweber it and I love it. first 1000 free and then around 10 for 5000 a month.
    The autoresponder is free on the free account oo. I love it does everything Aweber does an easier than MailChiimp. I used Mailchimp before I used Aweber. Aweber is the switch I made from Mailchimp. https://www.mailerlite.com/pricing

    • This is interesting, Juneta. They have a lower number of subscribers for free than Mail Chimp, but they have unlimited emails. I think Mail Chimp will still be cheaper, because I tend to be a low volume mailer (except on my PM, Too blog subscriber list). Then the question becomes which is easier and more intuitive to use. I may have to do another research run on that to see. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • I’m going to give them a try, Juneta. Now is the time to test and choose, so I’ll be generating at least one more test email once I get approved. The Subscriber import went pretty well (I just did this list until I know which way I want to go.)

      • You should get two emails in the morning at six. One from Mail Chimp and one from MailerLite. I suspect the Mail Chimp one might be terribly formatted. The Mailer Lite one should look fine. Formatting is definitely easier with MailerLite, Juneta.

        • Okay. Only one, and the body isn’t there — because I couldn’t see how to configure it on the mail chimp page. The mailer lite didn’t send one because it didn’t recognize it as a new post (because it had already been posted when I set up the feed, so it did right). I can work on that. Still evaluating these two, but I think I can do it with minimal impact to you dear subscribers. Please bear with me if you get two or three copies of the same post for a few iterations while I sort this out. I’ll turn off the AWeber list soon.