Wednesday Wanderings: 6 Weeks of New Knee

Tuesday was six weeks since my knee was replaced. Overall, I’m quite pleased. Yesterday and today, I’m a little achy with lower back pain — not sure if it’s related or not.

I’ve been blessed with physical therapists who all have said, “If it hurts, don’t do it.” The tight band around the knee seems to be reducing. I’m gradually adding in more household and yard tasks, but I’m not comfortable doing it all yet. I definitely have to pace myself. I changed sheets over the weekend, which the timeline says I shouldn’t do before ten weeks. Sorry. It needed to be done, and I had no trouble doing it.

On Saturday, I rode the riding lawn mower with no difficulty, iced, then walked around for two hours and watched while my neighbors cut up and disposed of our tree that fell in the storm. I took them to lunch, and iced when I got home.

I’ve been using only Tylenol three times a day coupled with an Aleve at bedtime for pain relief since two and a half weeks after surgery. The knee is still mildly swollen, noticeable mostly through a periodic tightness, which stretching and bending seems to help relieve. Ice, of course, is my friend.

I haven’t been using my cane much this week, but I take it with me when I leave the house (I forgot to bring it to lunch on Saturday but had no trouble).

On the brain fog front, I’ve committed to resuming my blog schedule, and so far, that’s going well. I began watching my George Carlin collection of DVDs. Maybe his word usage observations will prod some creative juices.

Most of my surgery mates over on are griping about the length of recovery. To a certain extent, I can see their point, but it’s a long process. I guess the site is a venue for venting, though. I do sometimes feel a little amazed that I’m putting myself through this two year process. The left leg will complete the most obvious parts of healing, then I’ll do it all over again with my right leg. Part of me wishes is was feasible to do the right leg at the end of July, but I don’t think it will be recovered enough to comfortably complete the Hershey road trip. So. A two year journey it is.

Cats: Coincidence?

We had a tornado just a few miles west of town on Monday. In conjunction with that storm, we lost another third of our large cedar tree. Thankfully, it didn’t hit the house. A few days ago, I pulled the chip from the game camera and checked cat activity during that time.

The times on the photos for that day showed steady activity on the porch until 3:31 pm. Then there was no activity until after 7pm that evening. The tornado warning came on my phone at 4:15pm. Unscientifically, I’m going to guess the outside cats knew to take shelter well before we did.