Week 45 – Ramping up for MKE Year Two

I’m spending time thinking about what I want to get from my second year in the Master Key Experience (MKE). I’ve been thrilled with what is manifesting from my first year. But I know I can do better. I can be a better, kinder person. I can continue to get healthier.

I eat before 8 pm. I move in the morning. My DMP is manifesting. I want my inner journey to become more enhanced. I learned over the last year that I truly am living my dream, so I don’t need to worry about whether I should fight that or not. The inner journey is the key to the outer journey, and I want to get smoother with one so it can become stronger in the other.

I’m gearing up for Year Two. How about you, dear readers? Are you ready for Year Two, Year Three, Beyond? Haven’t started the Master Key Experience yet, and you think you might be ready this year? Add yourself to the no obligation early notification list in the upper right sidebar.

Week 43/44 – Sneaky Week

Did last week sneak by me? I believe it did! After my vacation for knee recovery, I’ve been busy living life, and that’s a wonderful thing. I loved that my mental acuity remained with me after this surgery. Last year, the post-surgical brain fog was awful. I couldn’t concentrate on anything for any period of time. This year, I was able to read, I did a crochet project, and other things I was too brain-fogged to do after last year’s surgery. I still took lots of naps. The post-surgical fatigue remained, but that’s because my body is using that energy to heal my new knee, and it’s doing a fantastic job of that. I couldn’t be happier to be on the full recovery side of this knee replacement project.

Last year, the new knee felt great, but it quickly grew tired of dragging about the other old, barely functional knee. My surgeon and I were both ecstatic when we finally could get the second knee scheduled for replacement this year. My schedule intervened, then my husband’s health intervened, then I had a scratch on my knee that caused us to delay a week as a precaution to avoid infection, and finally, the knee is done, and I’m recovering.

Last year, I couldn’t walk on the new knee more than 10 minutes. It wasn’t the new knee limiting me. It was the old knee. I couldn’t do stairs normally. It wasn’t the new knee. It was was the old knee. Finally, I’m not dragging around an old knee, and my recovery has been leaps and bounds ahead of last year’s excellent recovery. This is certainly part of realizing my True Health personal pivotal need. I believe it also contributes significantly to my Autonomy personal pivotal need. It’s hard to be autonomous if you can’t maneuver yourself around, right? This also contributes to manifesting┬ámy Definite Major Purpose of my body moving with ease.

This afternoon, we have our final continuation webbie. My Mastermind Partner and I are each contemplating where we go from here in integrating everything we’ve learned into our lives going forward. I imagine we’ll at least tune in on the next class in some ways as a reinforcement and refresher — that’s the benefit of the lifetime membership. As we’re reading through the scrolls this month, we’re reminded that the meaning becomes more apparent and deeper when taking into account what we’ve learned after reading the first time and with the experience we’ve gained.